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Audio and Video Recording

I concentrate on a few focused recording services for selected Artistes, Organisations (such as the BBC) and Labels, at bespoke rates that reflect the dedicated personalised approach.  If you want bargain prices, I suggest who have rehearsal space and some recording facilities at rates I wouldn't compete with.  They are aimed at a wider market, whereas I focus on Personal Presence, Corporate Audio/Video, and Artiste Development + Promotion (what I call, "Signature Sound Styling").
My personal services include:

My label, "Metamorphosis Records" focuses on the Spoken Word, State-Changing recordings, Inspirational Speakers, and Music 'with a message'.

Post Production

I offer services in several areas including:  

Spoken Word / Audio Book Recording

My core business has been training and development for the last 28 years.  I understand motivational speakers, presenters and inspirational artistes.  I also understand better than most how to take your key message and orchestrate it for publication, impact and business development.  Most professional speakers earn their income from their "live" presentations.  I can help you capture the magic of your live presence, and package this into audio and video recordings that will create an alternative and enduring income stream for you.

Professional Photography

My whole approach is about making you look good, sound good, and feel great.  As such, all Artistes need a great portfolio of photographic stills.  I am a Nikon Professional, and am in an unique position to present you in the best possible light!  Both in the studio and on gorgeous locations with stunning Dorset scenery, you can walk away with the images that will define your personal brand.

Tuition and "Signature Sound Styling"

I offer one-to-one music technology and sound recording tuition. No matter whether you are a beginner or have a good knowledge of the subject, I have a uniquely patient and supportive style to help you further your learning. Students get a chance to have a hands-on  learning experience with my pro-audio studio equipment. The lessons are completely practical, no exams or assignments.  All developing Artistes are encouraged to create projects that can result in a commercial release.

Most Music Schools and materials are obsessed with getting you to sound like other artistes.  This is diametrically opposite to my "Signature Sound Stylist" approach.  My mission is to help executives, Artistes, and Musicians find their own "Voice" - whether you are in business seeking more "Executive Presence", or an Artiste looking for a recognisable voice that stands out above the noise of the crowd, or a musician seeking your own signature sound.


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