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State of the art audio mixing and recording

Lex Studios is the Dorset home of Metamorphosis Records - the Motivational Recording Company.  

The Studio complex includes a fully professional, ProTools HD multi-purpose recording studio facility.  We also have professional video and photographic capability - including Chromkey facilities.  The studio prides itself on producing the highest quality of audio-visual materials using nothing but industry standard equipment typically found in top London studios and any pro studio around the world.  Clients include the BBC.  At the present time, the Studio is closed to the public but open to Artistes what I would enjoy developing to the next level.  For other interested professionals, I can provide on-location recording and photographic services (AVP = Audio, Video, Photographic), with post-production carried out at my private studios.

If you are a singer-songwriter, solo musician, or executive seeking to develop both an "executive presence" and an on-line presence, I offer my coaching services as a "Signature Sound Stylist" - helping you to find your voice.

Recording at Home?

When we built the Studios, we were very mindful of the fact that many artistes can, and like to, record at home.  For this reason we've concentrated on aspects you cannot achieve with home recordings.  We have the highest quality throughout the signal chain (from Microphones to Pre-amps to Valve mixing to top quality AD-DA convertors and amazing outboard and plug-ins).  We also have professional engineers whose ears have been trained to hear the issues that you are unlikely to notice without the same years of experience.  Finally we have the acoustic treatment that means your professionally mixed output will sound great wherever it's played.  You've come on a long journey to move your songs from idea to reality - don't cheat yourself on the finished product!


Studio Facilities 

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